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Grid Tie Inverters


Grid Tie Inverters

It’s an inverter. It’s a power station. It’s both.

To counter the rising electricity prices, to fuel your increasing demand of electric power and for an effort to make our planet greener, ALASA ELECTRONICSallows you to power your home with clean solar energy helping you cut down your electricity bills and reduce your carbon foot print.


Our Grid-Tie Inverters can be directly tied to the local utility grid. In simple terms, your loads run on solar power as long as available from the sun during the day and any deficit is taken care by the main utility supply. However if the solar energy production is higher than your consumption, excess energy can be either stored in the batteries or can be fed back to the utility grid.


Produce your own electricity via solar power, save money via net metering (feeding excess electricity to the utility grid ) or even make money by selling electricity to power companies (via the upcoming feed-in-tariff policy).

Just for you

ALASA ELECTRONICSGrid-Tie Inverters are state of the art, simple, efficient, aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. We have tailored our products to cater all your energy needs efficiently.


Design based on MTTP

Power quality control

Battery pole reversal and deep discharge protection

Low harmonic distortion in output waveform

Central Inverter (Range up to 100 KWP)