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LED Street Lighting Solutions


LED Street Lighting Solutions

With a need to create a sustainable and environment friendly infrastructure for our cities and villages, ALASA ELECTRONICSs’ LED Street Lighting Solutions are available enhance quality of life and improve lighting infrastructure in an energy efficient and cost effective manner.

Our LED Street Lighting Solutions have a lot of advantages over a traditional street light like Low energy consumption, Long and predictable lifetime, More accurate colour rendering, Quick turn on and off, Less attractive to nocturnal insects. Unlike mercury vapour, metal halide and sodium vapour lamALASA ELECTRONICS (commonly used in street lighting), LEDs do not have a problem restarting immediately (hot ignition) following a brief power failure or inadvertent turn off. LEDs don't contain mercury or lead, and don't release poisonous gases if damaged.

ALASA ELECTRONICSalso brings Solar LED Street Lights to help save even more power and to create fully energy independent street light units for our streets. Solar panels mounted on the street lights are used to convert solar energy to electrical energy and the same is stored in a battery bank which in turn powers the street lights at night. Thus, we can create highly sustainable lighting infrastructures for our streets that run for years with zero energy costs