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Off Grid Inverter


Off Grid Inverter

ALASA ELECTRONICSsolar hybrid inverters convert solar energy into mains quality electrical energy and ensure efficient power supply to your load reducing your dependency on the utility grid for power. In simple terms- Savings. Our solar hybrid inverter uses battery bank to store excess energy solar energy and uses the same during the night or during blackouts. In any case, if the batteries require charging when solar power is not available (during the night or on cloudy days) the batteries can charge via the main utility grid. Our solar hybrid inverters can smartly and automatically switch between solar power and mains power as per necessary giving preference to solar power.

ALASA ELECTRONICSstand alone inverters can be thought of as your personal solar power plants. It converts solar energy into electrical energy to power your electrical needs efficiently. A ALASA ELECTRONICSs’ Standalone Inverter uses a battery bank to store the incident solar energy and uses the same to power the electrical loads. In simple terms, it functions completely off grid. With our stand alone inverters, you can even fully cut off your dependency on the public electricity grid.


Our off-grid solar inverters reduce your dependency on the utility grid (mains) for electric power and thus the amount of money you pay in electricity bills as most of the required power comes from solar energy. It is even possible for you to go completely off grid.

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Our off-grid solar inverters are highly efficient, smart, simple to use, low maintenance and have been customised to cater 100% of your energy needs. We are also committed to reduce your impact on the environment via clean energy.


Our off-grid solar inverters are laden with all requisite safety features that makes it ultra safe for you to work with or to connect your load to. 

Solar Standalone Inverters (Range: 5 KVA 100 KVA